Asset Tracking

The Better Information About Your Assets

Track your assets with Ejada ERP.


Asset Life-Cycle

Ejada supervises the entire asset lifecycle (ALM) from Acquisition, Depreciation, Inventory to Disposal.


Ejada links your Assets to your Purchase Orders such that they are automatically updated.


Ejada lets you change and track asset movements and owner changes. Bulk action is supported.


Automate Depreciation on your pre-defined schedules based on industry-standard depreciation methods.


Ejada tracks the status of your assets along with custodian, warranty, and insurance, and other information.


Use Ejada Assets Management to remove your asset at the end of its service life, and plan for replacement.


Ejada offers vertical market customization tailored for your specific business, such as manufacturing, distribution, and services.


Plan your maintenance, assign people and tasks. Check the service history to discover repeating patterns.


Asset purchase, selling, depreciation, and value adjustment automatically create journal entries in your financial accounts.


Create a sales invoice for your sold assets. Transactions are recorded instantly in your ledger.


Ejada comes with a lot of reports, including Fixed Asset Register, Asset Depreciation, and Balances.


Use your camera device to get all information on your asset in Ejada Assets Management System.

Ejada is a Unified Platform

Fully integrated with your Accounting, HR, Inventory, and Procurement.

All Batteries Included

Designed to include the features you want, right where you need them.

A comprehensive double-entry accounting system that is UAE-compliant out of the box.

Cover all aspects of your HR: Recruitment, leave, attendance, and payroll.

Manage your customers effortlessly from the Lead stage, Opportunity to a Converted Customer.

Centralize stock entries, tracking, items pricing, barcode and perpetual inventory in one solution.

Manufacturing Resource and Material Requirements Planning for your business.

Control your sales from quotations to sales orders. Always get paid in time.

Manage your procurement from material requisition to Purchase Orders.

Keep all information about your project in one place. Plan, Execute, Monitor, and Control.

Track and manage your fixed assets throughout their life lifecycle.

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