All Your Marketing Needs is a Digital Push

Sell, Market and Service Smarter With Ejada CRM.


Contacts Management

Ejada CRM organizes your contacts in meaningful groups so you can cater to their individual needs.


Pipeline Stages

Classify your targets into sales pipeline stages like Lead, Demonstration, Proposal, Negotiation, and Opportunity.

Leads and Opportunities

Ejada CRM helps you quantifying your prospects and identify customers that are most likely to convert.

Marketing Automation

Ejada CRM saves your employees time by defining email templates, customizable fields, and campaign management.

Multichannel Communications

Ejada comes with a built-in email client and a chat window. Receive calls directly from your system.


Create beautiful email campaigns and SMS marketing that inspire customers to convert.

Ejada ERP Unleash your Potential


Ejada CRM integrates seamlessly with your spreadsheets and third-party services like SendGrid, MailChimp, and Constant Contact.

Leads Generation

Ejada CRM creates Leads automatically from emails, web forms, and incomplete online orders.

Customer Portal

Your clients can log in to track the status of their tickets in Ejada Customer Portal.

Ticketing Management

Ejada lets you assign, prioritize and categorize tickets based on criteria like the client and business hours.


Ejada Helpdesk enables users to team up to discuss open tickets to reach optimum solutions.

Service Level Agreement

Manage your SLA and define response and resolution times to meet your obligations.

Assignment Rules

Set up assignment rules (Round Robin or Load Balancing) for automating assignments.


Ejada offers vertical market customization for different organizations like Manufacturing, Services, Retail and Distribution.


All Batteries Included

Designed to include the features you want, right where you need them.

A comprehensive double-entry accounting system that is UAE-compliant out of the box.

Cover all aspects of your HR: Recruitment, leave, attendance, and payroll.

Manage your customers effortlessly from the Lead stage, Opportunity to a Converted Customer.

Centralize stock entries, tracking, items pricing, barcode and perpetual inventory in one solution.

Manufacturing Resource and Material Requirements Planning for your business.

Control your sales from quotations to sales orders. Always get paid in time.

Manage your procurement from material requisition to Purchase Orders.

Keep all information about your project in one place. Plan, Execute, Monitor, and Control.

Track and manage your fixed assets throughout their life lifecycle.

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