Inventory Management Software

The Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses

Centralize stock entries, tracking, items pricing, barcode and perpetual inventory in one solution.

Ejada can be customized for different markets


Create and categorize your warehouses and transfer your raw material and finished products between them.


Ejada offers transactions auto-creation in your accounting ledger. Close your accounts faster and easier.

Perpetual Inventory

On receipt of items, the balance in the Warehouse Account will increase. Similarly, when items are delivered from the Warehouse, an expense will be booked, and the balance in the Warehouse Account will reduce.

Batch Inventory

Ejada lets you group items in numbered batches and track manufacturing date, expiry dates, among other information.

Serialized Inventory

Ejada allows you to associate serial Nos with your items, which can be auto-generated as per your requirements.

Products Variations

Ejada facilitates defining different attributes for your finished products like color, size, and shape.

The Right Quantity to Have at Any Given Time

Reduce your carrying costs, and say Good-bye to dead stock.

save costs


Use your camera device to get all information about your final product in Ejada software.


Calculate your finished product costs based on various operations metrics.

Quality Inspection

Ejada looks after your QA/QC processes by enabling users to set different inspection criteria and sample sizes.

Stock Transfer

Move your stock between your warehouses and generate stock movement reports.

Inventory Replenishment

Automatically create material requests once your reorder levels are reached.


Reconcile book and actual stock at the end of every accounting period to ensure consistency.


Ejada offers vertical market customization tailored for industries like Automotive and Spare-parts, Furniture, Textiles, Rubber and Plastic.

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All Batteries Included

Designed to include the features you want, right where you need them.

A comprehensive double-entry accounting system that is UAE-compliant out of the box.

Cover all aspects of your HR: Recruitment, leave, attendance, and payroll.

Manage your customers effortlessly from the Lead stage, Opportunity to a Converted Customer.

Centralize stock entries, tracking, items pricing, barcode and perpetual inventory in one solution.

Manufacturing Resource and Material Requirements Planning for your business.

Control your sales from quotations to sales orders. Always get paid in time.

Manage your procurement from material requisition to Purchase Orders.

Keep all information about your project in one place. Plan, Execute, Monitor, and Control.

Track and manage your fixed assets throughout their life lifecycle.

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